Pastora has several types of programs to offer. It is possible to adapt the program to your wishes. Please contact for more information: 


Flamencodancer Pastora brings graceful, powerful dance and together with guitar player Anoush Saadat she introduces the public to an ample variety of flamenco styles. They share the richness of flamenco with the audience and present a beautiful  dialogue between dance and guitar. This performances is suited for children as well as for adults and can be adapted in time. 

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Performance with the spectaculair flamencodancer Noelia Sabarea from Algeciras. Pastora and Noelia celebrate their flamenco and friendship on stage, together with great flamencomusicians like Erminia Fernández Córdoba and Arturo Ramón.

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Two strong, elegant flamencodancers share their beautiful dance with the public, either with live musicians or with recorded music. With Pastora & Miki María Vos

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Pastora Flamenco works together with musicians of the highest level to perform in theatres, peñas, festivals, cultural centres. But even in special locations like a castle, church or in a private home. 

Past performances by Pastora: 

2005 Caminando – Intercultural show with flamenco and music from different cultures, Tango by Kay Sleking, Persian music and storytelling by Sahand Sahebdivani, guitar by Kambiz Afshari and Haik Ahekian, percussion Antal Steixner, flamencodance by Pastora. Shows in De Kameleon, Wereldtheater Rotterdam. Directed and organised by Pastora.
2008 Boda de Sangre- coproduction with TGD Enkhuizen, funded by province of Noord-Holland. Direction Anna Hinse, Pastora
2010 Mi Alma Muiderpoorttheater Amsterdam, DROM Enkhuizen, THOPSS Amsterdam, dance and direction Pastora
2012 Existence - Pleintheater, THOPSS Amsterdam, direction Selma Susanne, funded by AFK, concept and dance by Pastora

2019 Pastora invited the respected singer Antonio Carrasco to the Netherlands. Performances in Nieuwe Regentes, Duende Amsterdam, Drommedaris Enkhuizen. Guitar Haik Ahekian. Antonio Carrasco was a singer for the National Ballet of Spain, Cristina Hoyos, Isabel Bayon.

Every year Noelia Sabarea and Pastora collaborate to tour. They have been performing together in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020,2021, 2022. This year they are planning a tour in Oktober 2023.

Pastora Flamenco performed in many in- and outdoor festivals. She performed solo at Museumplein in Amsterdam, festival Bevrijdingsdans, where she shared stage with the Syrian dancer Ahmad Joudeh. She performed several times at the Amsterdam Roots Festival. She creates flamencoshows in the Hallen together with Gary Feingold. She performed at International Theatre Festival ITS, Wereld Muziekdag in Harderwijk, Doedans Festival, Tangos a la Carte amongst others.

Pastora participated in different projects. She performed in Improflow with Mike Boddé, an improvised duet between piano and flamencodance. She perfomed several years in the productions of Maria la Serrana, where she had the opportunity to work with great flamencomusicians such as Pepe de Pura, Juan Jose Amador, Luis Amador, Rosario Villar Amador.

Pastora Flamenco gives performances or workshops in your organisation. In the past she was booked by Volksuniversiteit Amstelveen, ministry in Den Haag, Unicef, Gemeente Zaandam, newspaper de Telegraaf amongst others.